Introducing Multivac (MTV) - The Next Generation Blockchain

  • Posted on December 2, 2022
  • Blockchain
  • By Mark Otto

MultiVAC or also known as MTV proposes an all-dimensional sharding solution,
to enhance the blockchain transactions per second (TPS)

Introducing MultiVAC (MTV) - the next generation Blockchain

We will explain to you what MultiVAC is, what kind of crypto it is and what it hopes to achieve.

Obviously in the last six months it's been going down in popularity and in market cap, it's roughly around 3.5 million in market cap at the moment of writing this article.

MultiVAC or also known as MTV proposes an all-dimensional sharding solution,
to enhance the blockchain transactions per second (TPS), on Bitcoin it's extremely low, it is around 7 TPS, Ethereum can handle 20 TPS.

Ethereum is also well known to have extremely high gas fees (in order to make transaction you have to pay fees, that is called GAS).

Now for the initiated sharding is a process to split blockchain companies entire network into smaller proportions or rather partitions known as shards,
SO according to MultiVAC's website, it has 64 shards with each shard having TPS of 533, it's peak TPS stands over 30000, which is incredible.

Elrond, Zilliqa, Harmony and Near are some competitors who along with MultiVAC are using Sharding to solve this Trilemma.

The Trilemma means the Blockchain must be Decentralized, Scalable and Secure. All of these companies solve two of the three but sacrifice on the third.

Only MultiVAC, by using parallel computing and flexible sharding solves this Trilemma.

MultiVAC has been tested at 30,000 TPS but transaction speed is not everything. It must be scalable. MultiVAC uses Flexibility as the new Scalability.

This means developers can choose which aspects of the Trilemma is most important to them.

MultiVAC clearly expects people to have a complex understanding of blockchain, to even understand how to use their services so it is not a surprise that most of the people ignore them, their sub is small, their bridge is very vague and while simple, can leave a new user freaking out on how to even begin. It is just not straight to the point, they expect people to use delegation address, bridge addresses, it is not all automated YET.

The native token of MultiVAC, it is used as gas in the ecosystem, the address of native token is compatible with ETH and BSC, you can use Metamask and other decentralized wallets to directly load your own ETH or BSC address to the MTV Mainnet

This Blockchain issue is huge and if MultiVAC has the right solution, this could be massive.

All investments have risks so do for your own research and only commit what you can afford to lose.

Mark Otto

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